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Who else loves muscle building ?


About 4 months ago I transitioned into lifting in the gym and I
haven’t looked back since – I used to just go on the stairclimber
for 45 min and call it a day. I’ve gotten strong and lifting
weights brings me so much happiness. The gym has become my

Anyways, the other day my dad noticed the calluses on my palms.
He asked “you lift?” and I proudly said yes. He then said “do you
want to be like a man?” and proceeded to tell me how I was “messing
up” my body and men don’t want muscular girls. I know that I
shouldn’t care but he said this at a time where I’m not totally
confident in my body. I’ve been bulking for a while and have just
started on a cut. My arms are bigger and I have gained weight since
I began lifting, but it’s muscle (currently 5’5, 150lbs, 23% bf).
Regardless, I’m not satisfied with how I look at this moment so
hearing this has me feeling defeated. I was already insecure about
getting “bulky” and now I feel like maybe I should limit how often
I lift (current split is legs, back/bi, chest/shoulders, rest day,
repeat). I’ve been incorporating way more cardio and watching my
calories so I’m hoping to see some results soonish.

Any advice on how to not let this get to my head? Lifting makes
me feel amazing and I don’t want to lose all the progress I’ve
worked hard for. ((I’m graduating in May but plan to live at home
till I save enough $$ so moving out isn’t an option rn))

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