Universal Bench Block


(as of 08/05/2017 at 03:07 UTC)


For firearm assembly and disassembly, the Universal Bench Block is your best friend. It features a variety of notches, grooves, and holes on both sides and is ideally suited for M1911-style pistols. Need to install a pin, detent, or spring? The Universal Bench Block is the answer. 1-5/16″ high, 4″ in diameter. Non-marring urethane for long use.


  • Great tool for disassembling & assembling handguns
  • Perfect for use on M1911 pistols as well as other firearms such as 10/22s
  • Made of non-marring urethane
  • Rear sight drift channel, front sight staking channel and hammer and Sear pin removal holes
  • Ejector port dressing and rail dressing round bottom channels


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