Stacker 2 D-Testosterol Testosterone, Strength and Libido Booster, 120 Count


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D-testosterol is actually three products in one. It can be a pivotal component in many strength, mass-gain or fat-loss programs.  D-testosterol makes for the perfect cornerstone in any supplement stack regardless of your goals. D-testosterol may help to support free testosterone and estrogen.  We’ve all seen the products claiming to make you look like a pro bodybuilder in 30 days, which is ridiculous and everyone knows it. Infused with d-aspartic acid, which is an ingredient that may help support free testosterone. It does this by supporting your body’s output of luteinizing hormone. This product isn’t just another run-of-the-mill blend of weak herbs written to sound promising: it is the ultimate strength, size and libido enhancement stack. In fact, d-testosterol is so effective it can be used during or post-cycle. The ingredients in d-testosterol are not banned by any professional or amateur sports organization, so with d-testosterol you get a safe alternative that will help you get the legal edge on your competition.  Stacker 2 recommends you check with your respective governing body to see if d-testosterol is allowed in your sport. Made in the usa.


  • D-testosterol by stakcer2 is a testosterone and pct support booster that helps support both free testosterone and overall testosterone
  • Our testosterone booster is d-aspartic acid infused which is an amino acid regulator of testosterone for ultimate strength, size and libido
  • It protects with beta sitosterol and resveratrol which contain phyosteroland polyphenolic compounds respectively, used by athletes to help reduce soreness, pain and inflammation
  • Stacker2’s testosterone booster includes estrogen reduction support
  • A safe alternative testosterone booster that may help you to get an edge on your competition and made in the usa


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