Maximum Nutrition Testobol X Extreme Testosterone Booster Estrogen Blocker, 120 Count

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Testobol-X Extreme delivers the absolute highest active anabolic components Protodiscin and Saponins for accelerated muscle growth. Combined with a powerful estrogen-inhibiting complex, Testobol X Extreme will reduce estrogen levels while dramatically increasing free testosterone production. By lowering estrogen levels, the testosterone to estrogen ratio (T/E Ratio) is increased to provide strength and size gains never before seen in a natural testosterone booster. Testobol X Extreme is a safe and highly effective alternative to pro-hormones and steroids.


  • Increases free testosterone levels; Mimics anabolic testosterone effects
  • Reduces inactive testosterone levels; Reduces estrogen levels for greater T/E Ratio
  • Increase size and strength; Fights cell damaging free radicals
  • Increase absorptions by up to 300%; Dramatically increases libido and sex drive
  • Made in the USA; 120 capsules


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