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More posts on compound exercises please


Here’s the study above. If someone can find the full text please
link it. I believe this has relevance to BBing and particularly
this sub (which is obsessed with genetics)

Basically, individuals underwent genetic analysis and were told
they either were more or less likely to feel full after a meal
based on their genetic makeup or have beneficial or disadvantageous
cardiorespiratory factors while performing exercise.

Regardless of the subjects’ actual genetic risk factors, what
they were told not only altered their satiety and cardiovascular
ability, but the physiological markers associated with each (e.g.
gut hormone release and lung capacity).

I think this has relevance in that this community loves to be
self-depricating and blame their genetics. This study doesn’t
address bodybuilding specifically but I think that given the
results, it MIGHT be POSSIBLE that a defeatest mentality could
potentially be self-realizing at a physiological level, and simply
reframing your thoughts about yourself to “believe” your genetics
are favorable for being lean and muscular or feeling full or doing
more reps etc…

Hopefully this draws some discussion, one of the most upvoted
comments in a previous thread was the desire to see more discussion
instead of pictures.

TL;DR: study suggests belief affects genetic expression. Maybe
believe better shit about yourself to progress more in BBing (or
other aspects of life)

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